A Guide to Polish National Cuisine

Polish cuisine is an interesting mixture of culinary traditions of many different nations who have lived for centuries in Poland. These are the Jews, the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Germans, etc. Polish National Cuisine is rich in meat, noodles, spices, as well as different kinds of vegetables.

Authentic medieval cuisine in Poland

Chronicles describe medieval Polish cuisine as very exotic and fatty, which is characterized by frequent use of meat and grains. They have drunk a lot of beer, even the children have drunk non-carbonated beer.

Italian Queen Bona Sforza came to Poland in the year 1518, with her personal chefs. She has made a significant impact on the development of Polish cuisine. Then, Napoleon Bonaparte brought some new foods that have been accepted by the Poles. The famous Queen of Poland – Jadwiga was known for her love for Flagi (delicacy of pork chitterlings) which is still highly popular dish in Poland.

The first recorded Polish cookbook was written by Stanislav Czerniecki, in 1682. A new trend of sophisticated cuisine, a combination of French and Polish traditions, has begun with the arrival of King Stanislav August.

What you can expect from traditional Polish Lunch

Kotlet schabowy
Kotlet schabowy

This is very important meal because the Poles simply enjoy a longer, lavish lunch. A typical Polish lunch consists of at least three dishes. Lunch starts with soup, and the most popular soups are: 1) Zupa Ogorkowa is Pickled cucumber soup, 2) Rosol is Polish chicken (beef) noodle soup, 3) Zurek (sour broth made ??from rye flour, potatoes, white sausage and hard-boiled eggs), 4) Barszcz (red beet soup), 5) Zupa Pomidorowa (tomato-rice soup) and so on.

As far as the main dishes, it should be noted that the Polish prefer to eat various types of meat. The meat is served with side dishes such as baked or boiled potatoes, cabbage, Pyzy (steam-cooked


potato dumplings) and so on. The meat is highly aromatic, with the addition of dill, cumin, marjoram, pepper, parsley, etc. The most famous meat dish is Kotlet schabowy – breaded pork steak with potatoes.

Pieczony schab is also popular meat dish (Roast stuffed pork with dried plums).

One of the most famous Polish national dishes is Bigos (sauerkraut with different types of meat, ham and mushrooms), which is usually prepared during the holidays.

After that bountiful lunch, the Poles prefer to serve some coffee and dessert. After great lunch, a glass of the famous Polish vodka is also welcome. Even the famous artist, Pablo Picasso has praised the quality of Polish vodka. However, the beer lovers can find great offer of their favorite beverage in Poland.

Must-try foods in Poland: Pastries, desserts and cakes

Various types of pastries and bakery products are an important part of Polish culinary culture. These are Pierogi, Nalechniki, Pyzy, Paczki (Polish donuts), Faworki aka chrust, etc.


As far as sweets, we cannot skip: Sliwki w czekoladzie, Kukulki, Galaretka, Sernik (Cheesecake), Makowiec (Poppy-seed cake), Szarlotka (Apple pie) and so on.

Preparation and consumption of food are an integral parts of the culture and spirit of the certain nation. Therefore, exploring new countries and cultures, begins and ends with traditional cuisine. Na zdrowie! Cheers!


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