Amazing Images of Moscow Metro

The first station of the world famous Moscow Metro was opened on May 15, 1935. The underground city of the Moscow subway is a real architectural masterpiece. It can be called the Moscow transit artery as every day nearly 7 million people zip through its tunnels.

The Moscow Metro is the world’s third most heavily used rapid transit system after the Tokyo Subway and Seoul Metropolitan Subway. It consists of 12 lines running radially from the Ring Line that closely follows the surface layout of Old Moscow. More stations appear on the Metro map every year. The Moscow Metro is among the world’s most beautiful subways and 44 of its 186 stations are cultural heritage sites.

The Metro-builders and Moscow government paid a high price for this beauty. A legend has it that the remains of the Serpukhov Kremlin were used to construct the first Metro line connecting Sokolniki and Park Kultury back in 1934. The Moscow Subway is a monument to the era of Social Realism, living history and a perfect example of Moscow Baroque, Stalin’s Empire style, post-perestroika minimalism and cutting-edge urban design.

The Metro also has its own mythology, which gave birth to numerous legends, superstitions and rumours. The stations of the Moscow Metro are people’s favourite meeting and departure places, and an inalienable part of the city. The Moscow subway, like a huge heart of the city beats and sets the rhythm of people’s hustle and bustle with its train cars, turnstiles and escalators.

Here are some absolutely amazing panoramic images of Moscow Metro.