Amazing National Flags Created by Nature

Ukrainian born travel-photographer, Anton Jankovoy, explores the beauty of nature in such genres as travel and landscapes. His interesting series of photos dedicated to the National flags is quite unusual and touching. These are not just national symbols we can see everyday. These are the flags created by nature.

Jankovoy won a bronze award at the “FEP (Federation of European Photographers) Professional Photographer of the Year 2011? and bronze award in the Russian speaking countries at “Best Photographer 2011?. He works with such companies and agancies as Apple, National Geographic, Getty Images, Yahoo, Discovery, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Silverkris Airlines, El Pais, Photographer, PhotoTravel, PhotoDelo, Himalaya MapHouse and ets.

Anton Jankovoy: “My goal is to awake aspiration for life in people’s hearts. That is the only way to feel this world the way it was created for us”.

This article originally appeared at Unusual