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Top 6 Slavic Pagan Holidays

Many family traditions still practiced across the Slavic countries originate from ancient pagan celebrations. Present day religious rituals and customs often...


Gromnica: Polish Candlemas Day

Back in the old days, winter was terrifying. It was a rough time (like really). Storms, cold days, and even colder nights. Hungry wolves came down from the...


Strzyga: Slavic Female Demon

If we hear someone talking about a nasty Slavic demon that drinks blood and lurks in the night, vampires would probably be the first thing that comes to our...


Zorya: Slavic Goddess of Light

Zorya Goddess is one of the most interesting Slavic Gods in Slavic mythology. Many stories of Slavic Gods depict them as old and often intriguing personalities...


Bereginya: Slavic Spirit Myth

Bereginya is a goddess that is quite dominant in Slavic mythology. This goddess is able to shapeshift and turn into other Slavic goddesses or even acquire a...


16 Famous Serbians

Have you ever been to Serbia? The biggest former Yugoslav country with some 7 million citizens is well-known for excellent food, amazing nature, but also many...


11 Fun Facts About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a European country located in Central Europe. There are thirteen regions (Prague, Central Bohemian, South Bohemian, etc)ˇin the Czech...

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