Author - Teodora Savic

AvatarTeodora Savic is an experienced food and travel writer with degrees in psychology and social sciences.

Driven by curiosity and a love for exploration, she leads you to amazing destinations, challenges you to new food experiences, and tells great stories of her adventures.

Teodora currently splits her time between two Balkan capital cities: Belgrade and Skopje, enjoying picturesque natural landscapes, urban underground, and the area's rich cultural heritage.


Polish Paganism Today

Everyone who knows a thing or two about Slavs and their culture will tell you that they are very religious, with most of them belonging to the Eastern Orthodox...


Slavic Vampire Myths

Legends about dangerous creatures that feed off others’ blood or flesh have been around for more than a millennia. While Slavs are the first ones to develop...


Chort: Malign Slavic Spirit

Son of the god Chernobog and the goddess Mara according to Slavic mythology, or Satan’s minion, according to folk Christianity, the name of Chort stands for a...


13 Famous People From Montenegro

Delicious food, breath-taking Adriatic coast, hospitality and leisurely lifestyle – those are the things that best describe the smallest Balkan country...


14 Famous Czechs

If you look up the Czech Republic, you will find out that it’s a country in Europe that has been in existence since 1989, but the truth is, the country and...


Russian Vampire Wurdulac

Wurdulac, also spelled “wurdalak” or “verdilak” is a type of vampire that is found in Slavic mythology.  Although Wurdulac as the mythical creature...


12 Famous Bosnians

When someone mentions Bosnia and Herzegovina, we usually think about wars and armed conflicts that have marred the history of this country (mostly the 20th...

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