Boris Olshansky: Scenes From the Slavic Mythology

Boris Olshanskiy
boris olshansky

Slavic Mythology and the wondrous legends and life stories of the Slovenes were an inspiration to many artists, either foreign Slavophyls or those who were born and lived in a Slavic country.

Among these is also the painter Boris Mihailovich Olshansky, a Russian painter whose popular works depict motifs centered in Slovene religion and love for the homeland.

Boris Olshansky’s Life

Borish Olshansky was born on 25th February 1956 in Tambov, Russia. He had finished his studies at the Penza Art School in 1980 and then extended his education at the Moscow Surikov Art Institute where he graduated in 1986. During his studies and living in Moscow, Olshansky was working mainly as a graphic artist and an illustrator of a number of books.

Soon, Boris Olshansky became one of the most popular Slavic artists in Russia. After Olshansky had returned to Tambov, he started working for the journal called “Literary Tambov” (in Russian Литературный Тамбов).

In 1989, he joined the Union of Artists of the then USSR (today’s Russia), however, with the introduction of the Perestroika, Olshansky seized his work as an illustrator and went from graphic art to painting.


Olshansky’s greatest passion and inspiration in painting has always been focused on portraying grand images of events in Slavic history.

Meanwhile, he displayed his works in many exhibitions in the region and abroad. His most significant exhibitions include the Olshansky Exhibition at The Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val, Moscow as well as his personal Olshansky Exhibition at the Tambov Art Gallery, both being held in the mid of the 1990s.

As a contemporary artist, Olshansky Boris Mikhailovich presents exceptional artworks mainly inspired by various periods of ancient Russia, embellished with his authentic style that relies on the artist’s rich imagination and skill.

His paintings tell epic stories and fairy tales, colored in the awe and courtesy of legends and myths from history.

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Slavic Mythology Paintings

During the period of his personal as well as artistic maturity, apart from being interested in history, Boris Olshansky began working with motifs related to the Vedic origin of ancient Russia, i.e. the myths and legends of Slavs.

He delved into the sacral world of his ancestors, discovering and presenting the astonishing beauty of the Great Goddess with a romanticized view which is also evident in his depiction of the festivities and celebrations of the ancient Slavic gods.

Boris Olshansky dedicated his entire artistic creed to Russia and stated:

I am sure that our grand great-ancestors are cautiously observing us. And that the judgment of history is inevitable in order to achieve justice and faith in good. The Russian legends, fairy tales, epic stories, and tales are a never-ending well of grandiose and vivid colors that can accompany the imagination and be transferred into artistic creation!

Boris Olshansky

Olshansky is an artist who is highly appreciated in his country, therefore, his greatest exhibitions are held in his home country.

Recent Years

In 2006, this artist Boris Olshansky has also published his album book called “White City” (in Russian Бели Град) and two years later, in 2008, he illustrated the book “Legends and Tales for the region of Tambov” (in Russian Легенды и предания Тамбовского края). In 2012, Olshansky organized the individual exhibition “Echo of the Passed centuries” (in Russian Ехо минулих векова) at the Russian Academy of Art in Moscow.

Usually, we only post a couple of photos per article, but we liked the work of Boris Olshansky so much that we created a gallery. Check it out!

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