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kievan rus architecture

The number of people interested in Ancient Slavs and their culture has been growing in the last few years, especially in Ukraine. One of the results of this renewed interest is the construction of a very unusual historical park complex in Kiev...

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Khortytsia is an island on the river Dnieper. Today it’s a part of a Ukrainian city Zaporizhzhya. Several hundreds of years ago, the island was the capital of the Zaporizhian Sich, a historical territory populated by Cossacks. Sich existed in...

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slavic warriors

As a nation, the Slavs were famous for many things. One of them was the fabled Slavic warriors. Their strength and deeds were so great, that they were indeed immortalized in fables that are told to children to this day. These warriors’ name is...

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Origin of the Word Slav

Everyone knows who Slavs are, though, the origin of the word Slav is shrouded in mystery. There are several theories that explain the etymology of the word, but neither of them has been proven 100% correct. Slovo=Word One of the theories states that...

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Moscow in the 23rd Century

In 1914, prior to the Communist revolution, several postcards were made depicting how Moscow would have looked like in the future, still under monarchical rule. The postcards depict daily life in different parts of the city, with the addition of...

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The Marche Slave, French for Slavonic March, is an orchestral composition by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The composition was commissioned from Tchaikovsky to benefit wounded Serbian soldiers. At that time, Serbia was involved in the...

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