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Svarog was revered by the Slavs as the great god of blacksmiths, law and fire, similar to that of Hephaestus of the Greek pantheon. The origin of Svarog’s name can be traced to the language of Indo-European people, that is to say Sanskrit. Although...

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Rusalka (plural Rusalki) in Slavic mythology is ghost female mermaid that dwells at the bottom of river. Rusalki are spirits of young women who died violently before marriage and before their natural time was up. Thus, they were cursed to live in a...

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In ancient Slav mythology, Vesna was the goddess of spring and fertility. She was in charge of spring time, morning and the birth of everything alive. She is also known as Zhiva, Diva and Devana. Morana is the goddess of night, winter and death. She...

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Slavic gods horses

Every Slav god was to some extent a warrior god and as such, most of them had horses. Horses often attributed with supernatural powers. These mythical horses had a strong connection with the Moon and the moon cult. They often had two very different...

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Triglav - three headed god

Triglav is a three-headed warrior god. The Slavs pictured him as a god with three heads and golden bands over his eyes and mouth which he wears because of the frightening power of his eyes or, like the priests of Triglav’s idol believed, so he could...

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Crnobog also known as Crnoglav (Black Head) is the god of darkness and the ruler of the world of the dead. He is black which helps him blend in with his dark and eerie underground domain. He is the only one who completely opposes the gods that like...

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Tree worship

Worshiping trees is common for many ethnic groups and religions, and Slavs are no exception, since Slavs lived in an area covered with dense forests. The cult of sacred trees was widely spread and strong among Slavs. The statue of Gods and temples...

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Slavic Mythological Places

In the beliefs of the Slavs, there were many Slavic mythological places that could not be visited because nobody knows where they are. The most well known among those places are Vitor Mountain, sacred forest of Zutibor (yellow pine forest) and...

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Svetovid was protector of the arable lands and the God of the sun and light for those who believed in him. And for all others he was a god of war, destruction and defeat. Svetovid is also known under other names, depending on the particular Slavic...

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