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Slavic Mythological Places

In the beliefs of the Slavs, there were many Slavic mythological places that could not be visited because nobody knows where they are. The most well known among those places are Vitor Mountain, sacred forest of Zutibor (yellow pine forest) and...

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Svetovid was protector of the arable lands and the God of the sun and light for those who believed in him. And for all others he was a god of war, destruction and defeat. Svetovid is also known under other names, depending on the particular Slavic...

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Veles (Volos): Lord of the forest

The Slavs initially believed that Veles exclusively appears in the shape of a bear even though he is able to transform into various other animals that he protects. In later scriptures, like almost all major gods, Veles became a demon, lost his...

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