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Tree worship

We all know about the Greek Gods. They are mainstream deities, let’s face it. But what about Slavic pantheon and its miraculous complexities? There is no better way of entering into a strange and yet mesmerizing Slavic world than reading about the...

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Svetovid was the protector of the arable lands and the God of the sun and light for those ancient Slavs who believed in him. And for all others, he was a god of war, destruction, and defeat. Svetovid is also known under other names, depending on the...

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The Slavs initially believed that Veles exclusively appears in the shape of a bear even though he is able to transform into various other animals that he protects. In later scriptures, like almost all major gods, Veles became a demon, lost his...

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Wolf in woods

People on the territories of Eurasia and North America have always had spirit animals in the wide array of legends, stories and myths. Bears, hares, foxes and wolves are the most common animals that have been long present in the culture in these...

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Slavic female gods

Today’s popular culture is familiar with creatures like vampires and strigoi that derive from ancient Slavic demonology, however, the concept of Slavic mythology and all its features remains a mystery to many. The Slavic myths and religion are...

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