Longest Words in Slavic Languages

Longest word of a language depends on the word formation rules of each specific language, and on the types of words allowed for consideration. Slavic languages do not compound words but some languages such as Russian can theoretically have unlimited word length, for example: ?????????…??????? (praprapra…dedushka, great great great…grandfather).

This list ignores numeral compounds which can get really long in all Slavic languages, place names, technical names, and names of chemical substances because they are not commonly used or even known by native speakers.

The longest Czech word is nejneobhospoda?ovávateln?jšímu meaning “to the least farmable one” (30 letters). That’s also the longest Slovak word but it has one letter less than the Czech and is spelt najneobhospodarovate?nejšiemu.

The longest word in Bulgarian is considered the 39 letter-long ??????????????????????????????????????? (neprotivokonstitutsionstvuvatelstvuvayte) meaning “do not do things that go against the constitution”.

Officially the longest word in Croatian is 30-letters long prijestolonasljednikovi?i?inima (lj is considered a one letter in Croatian alphabet). Translation would be “of little heiress apparent to the throne” in plural dative case.

The longest word in Montenegrin, although not in common use, is prijestolonasljednikovi?evica (30 letters), and that word is used to describe a female member of royal family.

Most likely one of the longest originally-Russian words is ??????????????????????????????????? (prevysokomnogorassmotritelstvuyushchy) which contains 35 letters, in its dative singular form ???????????????????????????????????? (prevysokomnogorassmotritelstvuyushchemu, with 36 letters), which can be an example of excessively official vocabulary of 19th century meaning a very polite form of addressing clerks, something like Your Excellency, Your Highness, Your Majesty all together.

The longest word in Serbian language, except the ones that describe person’s age, seems to be a 26-letter long word ??????????????????????????, which means: Great granddaughter of the ruler (a ruler who sits on a throne).

Long words are not typical for Ukrainian so the majority of them in this language are of foreign descent and mostly related to science. Perhaps the longest word of the Ukrainian language in the Nominative case is ?????????????????????????????? (dyxlordyfeniltryxlormetylmetan, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane or DDT) which contains 30 letters (as this is a name of a pesticide and may not be commonly known, maybe some Ukrainian speakers can comment which is the longest word in their opinion.)

The longest word in Slovenian is dialekti?nomaterialisti?en (dialectical materialistic), with 26 letters and is similar with Macedonian ???????????????????????????? (28).

There is some debate whether this is an acceptable word but the longest Polish word is considered to be konstantynopolita?czykowianeczka (32) meaning “young girl, inhabitant of Constantinople”.

What do you think of this list? Do you know any longer Slavic words? Please feel free to comment.