Macedonian Food

Macedonian Food

Macedonia has a rich cultural and historical heritage that is reflected on its cuisine.

Typical Macedonian homegrown products

Macedonia has a pleasant climate with many sunny days per year and high-quality, fertile land. For this reason, the agriculture is a very important economic sector. Macedonia can be proud of the product diversity.

Here’s a short list of popular vegetable and fruit products:

Ajvar – this is a type of chutney that is made from roasted red bell peppers, paprika and spices.

Lutenica – this is a spicy salad that is canned and stored in jars. Lutenica is made of tomatoes, peppers, garlic and some other ingredients and spices. It looks like a thick sauce.

Pickled Cabbage Leaves – for the preparation of the meal called Sarma (Cabbage Rolls) and winter salads.

Roasted Bell Peppers – this is ideal for the preparation of salads and delicious dishes.

Feferoni – domestic pickled hot peppers.

Pickled Green Tomatoes –great sour salad, which is inevitable in wintertime.

Stewed Plums – desserts which are being prepared from ancient times. A long time ago, fruit products are kept in a natural way, using heat and glass jars.

Distinctive national dishes and bakery products

Gravce na Tavce is the most popular Macedonian national dish. The basis of this delicious food is Macedonian beans. The most common ingredients that are added to the meal are Macedonian paprika, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, black pepper and the other spices and herbs. Anyone who has tried Gravce na tavce could say this dish is simply irresistible.

Musaka is a layered dish.This dish is made of potatoes, eggplant and minced meat. Meal is topped with fine and decorative egg-yolk glaze. There are several versions of Musaka which are prepared in the other Eastern European countries.

Selsko Meso is a dish rich is flavor and aroma that brings us back to the ancient times. This great dish consists of various types of meat, smoked meat, mushrooms, and spices, prepared in a clay pot.

Kebapi is minced meat into a sausage shape that is served in Pita bread.

Shopska Salata consists of delicious homegrown vegetables such as tomato, peppers, cucumber and onion, with added full-fat cheese.

Burek is something that looks like a meat-filled puff pastry and cheese pie. Delicious fillings are: minced meat, cheese, spinach…

Pastrmajlija is a domestic bread pie, in oval shape. There are meat cubes on the top.

Kacamak is corn flour dish that is usually topped with cubed cheese or Kajmak (whole-milk dairy product similar to sour cream).

Palacinki are thin pancakes. This is definitely on the list of Must-try dishes. Palacinki is served warm, with desired toppings such as chocolate cream, jam or honey.

Zelnik is a kind of puff stuffed pastry, which can consist of eggs, spinach, sorrel, sauerkraut, minced meat, rice and so on. Just like great-great-grandmother used to make.

Tradition of wine-making from the finest local grape varieties

Macedonia has a large number of wine-growing regions, so this country has always been famous for its quality wine. Very carefully selected varieties of grapes, make Macedonian wine one of the best in the Balkan region.

Stobi is an ancient city that is located in the Tikvesvalley. Tikves is known throughout the world for its excellent wine with intensive flavor and fragrance. Stobi is a popular tourist destination, where you can visit the archaeological sites, and besides that, you can taste and buy great Macedonian wines!


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