8 Facts About Slovenian People

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There are many interesting things about this beautiful Slavic country. Slovenians are leaders in many areas because of their clever usage of land and limited resources.

The achievements of this republic are a product of their culture and the collective awareness they developed throughout history.

Keep reading this article if you want to learn some of the most interesting facts about Slovenian people.

Top Facts About Slovenian People 

1. Slovenians Recycle a Lot

Slovenia is among the best countries in the world when it comes to eco-consciousness culture. For example, Slovenians recycle 50 percent of the household waste, which makes them a leader among Slavic nations. 

Slovenia is also a country member of OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) [1]. 

Slovenians invested a lot in several areas whose importance we clearly see today. The state invested in education and protection of its national language. Those two aspects used to be underestimated in Yugoslavia. 

Next, they invested a lot in infrastructure, mostly by creating cycling tracks, which is the reason why they have some of the best cyclers in the old continent. In short – this country is a cycling dream.

However, the most astonishing success comes from their tremendous efforts in recycling. This republic is among the countries with the least garbage per capita on an annual level. Ljubljana is a leading example when it comes to recycling waste [2].

Ljubljana is the first European capital that implemented a zero-waste strategy. Wonder how they did it?

This country was once part of Yugoslavia, which was a country with incredible ecological policies. The so-called Yugo culture was a part of the socialism of the time, where ecology matters came before financial interests.

However, 15 years ago, Slovenians decided to completely focus on keeping their environment as clean as possible.

It began with using the separated boxes for different kinds of trash. With time, there were bags available for all the citizens in front of their homes. The results were amazing. 

In 2008, the Slovene government announced that roughly 30 percent of all waste is being recycled [3]. In 2019, it went to 70%, with Slovene land absorbing 80 less waste.

The waste they produce annually is just above 100 kilograms per capita. Only Treviso (a small Italian city) has a better score.

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2. They Lead a Healthy Life

To continue in a similar manner, the Slovenians are known to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Their cities are small, tidy, and calming. They appreciate nature, eat healthy food, and seem to enjoy a somewhat easier and slower life pace when compared to other nations. 

Speaking of healthy habits, Slovenes love cycling and hiking! 

Cycling is definitely the number 1 activity in Slovenia, with the government investing a huge amount of money in the development and reparation of cycling pathways all around the country. 

They are an outdoor nation in general which shouldn’t be a surprise since they are surrounded by beautiful nature. 

They have many beautiful mountains where people like to enjoy themselves. The fresh air those mountains produce is among the main features people can enjoy when traveling to Slovenia. The Alps are stretching all the way to Italy and are a wonderful place for a holiday.

3. They Are Amongst the Tallest People in Europe

Another interesting fact about Slovenia is that its people are among the tallest on earth. They are not at the very top but they are pretty high on the list with an average height of 1.73cm. 

Research from 2017 showed that an average Slovenian male is 1.78.1cm tall [4].

The women in Slovenia are somewhat shorter, with an average Slovenian female being around 1.66cm tall.

4. The Oldest Population in Europe

The population of Slovenia is getting older. It is a sign of a highly civilized society and a developed culture. The fact that its citizens are among the oldest in Europe shows that they have an amazing lifestyle and its country an incredible health system.

The fact that Slovenians live longer proves that being active, among other things, is really the key to longevity.

The number of older people (65 and older) increased significantly from 1989 to 2009 (by 6% to be exact). If this trend continues, by the year 2060, Slovenia will have more than a third of its citizens over 65.

5. They Love Beekeeping

It all began with a Slovenian guy (by the name of Anton Janša) who wrote a manual for beekeeping (in Slovenian language). Therefore, it’s not surprising that Slovenia is the forerunner in recognizing the global threats on the bee world.

Beekeeping has a long history and is of major importance for the Slovenians. The bee ended up on a special edition of the two euro coin! It was a Slovene initiative that was gladly accepted by the central bank.

“Beekeeping is in our blood”, says Boštjan Noč, the president of the Slovene beekeeping union. Around 10.000 people in Slovenia have their own hives. 

Slovenia has ten times more hives per capita than Spain which is the leading producer and manufacturer of honey in the EU.  

6. Wine Is a Big Deal in Slovenia

No matter what kind of wine you prefer, you will surely find a flavor you like in one of the three famous wine-growing regions of Slovenia. 

The wines from three wine-growing areas are among the best in the world when it comes to quality and taste. Many people say that Slovenian wine speaks 9 languages. 

Each wine-growing region has its own selection of varieties. For example, eastern regions produce different wines from those produced in the south of Slovenia. 

Slovenian vineyards are located in the very center of the European wine-growing belt. 

Those locations are ideal for vineyards and are quite similar to the regions of Burgundy in France. A perfect climate and the soil allow Slovenia to have a greater diversity in its wine offerings. 

7. The Wheel Is Invented in Slovenia (Kinda)

The oldest wheel was found on the territory of Slovenia. It is a recent discovery. The wheel was found 20 kilometers southeast of Ljubljana, and it is considered to be at least a century older than wheels found in Germany and Switzerland.

It is a wooden wheel (made of oak) and is approximately 5300 years old!

As the Slovene scientists claim, we can only guess the purpose it had when it was made. The assumption is that it was used as a part of an ancient cart.

8. No Other Nation Is So Active

In addition to some previous facts I mentioned ( the passion for beekeeping, cycling, and a healthy lifestyle) this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Slovenia is home to active, creative, and some of the most energetic people in the world. 

It seems like they value activity more than other values when it comes to educating the young ones. The youngsters are among the most active ones, as research of the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance shows. 

Slovenian children are among the most active on the planet, right next to the kids from Japan and Zimbabwe. 

The Bottom Line

Slovenia, the only country containing love in its name, is a true hidden gem among the great European countries. If you liked this article, check out our article about Serbian people.

You should visit Slovenia and enjoy its beautiful nature, learn the Slovenian language, or try Slovenian food.

If you’re looking for a place to study you can always apply to a Slovenian University and live there. It is a wonderful place for young people but also a paradise for older generations.



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