7 Things You Should Not Miss In Moscow

Moscow Saint Basil's Cathedral

Moscow, Russia’s capital is blessed with a rich history, culture, welcoming residents, and breathtaking architectural designs. By visiting the city, you will learn all about Russia. Despite being a city, there is a lot to do or see in this capital. From museums to architectural buildings, theatres, and nightclubs, here are the 7 things you should not miss in Moscow.

1. The Red Square

In case you are visiting Russia’s capital, one key important thing you should not miss is visiting the Red Square. With its magical environment, astonishing architecture and rich history, just a single visit to the Red Square will make you want to visit the city again. It is highly notable for hosting some of the most renowned historical events and buildings. In the earlier years, it was the main market area and home to major religious events in the capital. It was also a major arena where protests and military parades took place during the USSR era. The Red Square is comparable to a large outdoor museum. For instance, its home to the famous State Hall Museum. The museum holds a diverse and huge collection of Russia’s history. You’ll also get to see the Iberian Gate. The Iberian Virgin painting is the most decorative attraction visible on the Iberian Gate.

2. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This cathedral was initially built in the 16th century. It was constructed with the aim of honoring military victories. Some years later, a bell tower with a hip-roof was added to the structure. It is actually one of the city’s most renowned artistic structure. It is most notable for its vaulted roof and helmeted domes. The building is painted with complex colors and features an integrated design. It symbolizes history and the present. It’s actually one of the major tourist attractions in Russia. There’re hundreds of paintings in the cathedral, with most of them painted before the 19th century along a winding gallery. Today, the cathedral is used as a museum. Most visitors enjoy using the wooden spiral staircase within one of its wall to get to the central area.

3. The Kremlin

Your trip can never be complete without visiting the Kremlin, especially during your first visit. The Kremlin is accessible from two entrances and is comprised of:

• The Kremlin State Palace
• The Presidential Residence
• Museums, historical buildings, and churches
• The Grand Kremlin Palace

The museums, churches, and the Kremlin palace are open to the public and accessible upon buying a ticket. However, the public is restricted from accessing the presidential residence. While visiting the Kremlin, you will get to see historical monuments such as the world’s largest cannon known as the Tsar Cannon. Also, don’t miss to visit the museums in Kremlin. The Kremlin also hosts the Armory Chamber, where you can view artistic weaponry and jewelry used in earlier years.

4. Moscow Nightclubs

Russia’s capital has an exciting nightlife. Russians love partying and that is why the city has many great spots for hanging out at night. In case you are a music lover, there are many lively nightclubs you can visit and have fun dancing to the beats while taking some drinks. For instance, if you love karaoke, you can visit Forte Piano for the best live karaoke. For dance and discos, you can visit Club B2 and Bandos Night Club. For football lovers, you can watch live matches at VLounge Football Bar. Also, there’re many beers and snacks to choose from at the VLounge. In case you want to spend your night having fun in a high-end night club, then head out to Night Flight. The list of clubs you can visit in the city is just endless. Besides nightclubs and bars, there’re many restaurants that offer Russian cuisines and you’ll surely love to try a new cuisine.

5. Zaryadye Urban Park

The Zaryadye Urban Park is an extremely unique park. It allows visitors to be close to the city and far away from it at the same time. It acts as an urban plaza, social amenity, cultural space, recreational area and a park. Its design comprises of an artificial, rural and urban space. Most of the space is an open landscape with lots of greenery. Most notable is the glass roofing that covers an amphitheater and two concert arenas. The park also features an underground glacier. The glazier is non-melting and comprises of frozen water. You will also have a chance to walk along a floating bridge and view the urban landscape and historic buildings.

6. Bolshoi Theatre

This theatre is a masterpiece of art. Its design is extremely impressive and has rich Russian history. Bolshoi hosts performances such as opera and ballet. You will be welcomed by a pleasant fountain and grand columns that make the entrance stunning. Its golden interior design is world-class, with a six-tier seating area. Don’t forget to book a ticket early to avoid missing a performance.

7. Moskva River Tour

While visiting Russia’s capital, you shouldn’t miss cruising along the Moskva River (Moscow River). There’re many cruise boats that can take you along the river while enjoying a great scenery of the city’s cathedrals, towers and high walls. Some high-end yachts offer cruising services with onboard restaurants and marine music systems that create a party-like boating experience. You can choose to cruise along Moskva River during the day or in the evening while having dinner onboard.

As you can see, Moscow has limitless places to visit and activities to do. You should not miss any of the above-mentioned things during your visit to the city. It is easy to move around the city since there are multiple transport options to choose from. The city is served by three airports and you can get around from one place to another using buses, trains, trams, and taxis. Thus, you can never have an excuse for missing any of these fun places in Moscow.