Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

This fairy tale tunnel tucked in between twisted trees surely breathes the breath of romance, one you are sure to inhale graciously.

Nestled in the enchanting forest of Ukraine near the town of Klevan, this whimsical railroad was formed from years of plants and trees molding around the love train as it made its daily rounds transporting wood, needed for cupid’s arrows of course, to the workshop nearby.

Tunnel of Love

But when the locomotive isn’t making it’s three daily runs, the tracks have become know as a popular walk way for local and travelling lovers a like. Which is why this whimsical way through the woods has been famously referred to as The Tunnel of Love.Couples clasped hand and hand, take this wonderful stroll, engulfed by leaves, branches and their undying love for each other. Local legend has it that lovers who make it through the 2 mile tunnel together will be granted one wish, provided their intentions are sincere.The tunnel is at it’s lushest moments during the spring and summer months when the tree’s foliage is at it’s fullest. but the colorful changes of the fall and snowy winters also make for breathtaking sights as well.

Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine


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