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Meet the Slavs Authors


Vesna Pantic

Author & Assistant Editor

Vesna is a passionate writer and researcher of Slavic mythology. Born and raised in the Balkans, Vesna has always been fascinated by the rich cultural traditions and folklore of her heritage.

As a child, Vesna spent countless hours poring over ancient texts and stories, immersing herself in the magical world of Slavic gods and goddesses.

This lifelong love of mythology eventually led Vesna to pursue a degree in anthropology and folklore, and she has spent the past several years studying and writing about Slavic mythology in all its forms.

In her writing, Vesna aims to bring the fascinating stories and legends of Slavic mythology to a wider audience, sharing the beauty and significance of these ancient traditions with readers from all walks of life. Whether through scholarly articles or more casual blog posts, Vesna is always eager to share her love of Slavic mythology with others.

Vesna enjoys hiking in the stunning natural landscapes of South-Eastern Europe, practicing traditional folk dance, and spending time with friends and family.


Katerina Novakova


Katerina is a food and travel enthusiast with a passion for Eastern Europe. Born and raised in the world famous tourist city of Prague, Czech Republic, Katerina has always had a love for exploring new cultures and cuisines.

After completing her degree in hospitality management, Katerina set out on a mission to discover the hidden gems of Eastern European cuisine and culture. From sampling street food in the bustling markets of Sofia to exploring the charming countryside of Poland, Katerina has traveled extensively throughout the region, seeking out the best local flavors and experiences.

Katerina uses her writing to bring her love of food and travel to life, sharing her adventures and insights with readers around the world. Whether through social media or her travel guides, Katerina’s warm and engaging style makes it easy for readers to join her on her journey of discovery.

When she’s not busy exploring new destinations and trying new dishes, Katerina enjoys practicing yoga, listening to music, and spending time with her loved ones.


Alex Nikolic


Alex is a historian and cultural expert with a deep interest in Eastern European history. Born in Slovenia to a Serbian father and Slovenian mother, Alex has always been fascinated by the rich history and cultural traditions of the region.

After completing his studies in history at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade, Alex went on to further his education with a program at the Free University Berlin. Since then, he has dedicated his career to researching and writing about the history and culture of Eastern Europe.

Through his writing, Alex aims to bring the fascinating stories and traditions of the region to a wider audience, sharing his extensive knowledge and insights with readers from all walks of life.

Alex has conducted extensive field research in various parts of Eastern Europe to gather primary source material and firsthand accounts of Slavic history and culture. He actively collaborates with museums, libraries, or other cultural organizations to develop exhibitions, educational programs and other initiatives focused on Slavic history and culture.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys traveling to new destinations, learning about different cultures, and playing volleyball.

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