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Top Russian history books

Russian history is a vast and fascinating subject, with many great books that explore its rich and complex past.  From the earliest days of the Russian Empire to the fall of the Soviet Union and beyond, Russian history offers a wealth of...

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Throughout Russia’s history, there have been many offensive and defensive wars. Some of them were against their Eastern neighbors (like Mongols), and some of them were against Western.   So, it comes as no surprise that they had a lot of...

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Scythians and Slavs

If there were any Slavic Warriors before the 9th century, they may have been individuals with talents and skills, but one thing that history teaches us is that the ancient Slavs may have lacked the warrior culture. With their physical...

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Romans Serbia

In the north part of the Republic of Serbia, close to Croatia, there is a town called Sremska Mitrovica. Beneath the streets of this town, there was a Roman city called Sirmium, which was the capital of the Roman province of Pannonia. The...

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Polish Slavic warriors

The lack of information about the Slavs before the 6th century makes them widely mystified. There are claims that they were powerful warriors, while others believe that there were Viking Slavic warriors. According to history, they are mentioned for...

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Slavic People

Even though today the information about different countries, places, nations, and ethnicities is very easy to find, there is frequent confusion about who were the Slavs and who are the Slavic peoples and which are the Slavic nations. Slavic peoples...

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