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Polish cinema

Are you looking for some great movies to watch? Hollywood does not do it for you anymore? Well, why not look elsewhere for your entertainment?  In this article I am going to talk about the best Polish movies, their directors, and many reasons...

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Russian actor

Russia had never been short on talent, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Russian actors are some of the most talented actors in the world. Some of the actors, in the search for better opportunities (that Russia could not offer at the time)...

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Russian gangster

Are you a fan of mafia movies or the mob in general? No for the mob, and yes for the movies? Yeah, I thought so. Many people like watching mafia movies, but what about mafia movies that come from Russia? It’s kind of a no-brainer, cause you know...

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Russian fantasy films

You want to know what are the greatest Russian fantasy films of all time? Are you tired of watching the same old Hollywood movies (time and time again) and you feel like you need something new in your life? You can’t travel outside your house (or an...

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Russian horror films

Tired of having only Andrei Tarkovsky in your mind after someone mentions Russian cinematography? You also like horror movies, and want to know what are the best horror films that Russian cinema has to offer? Well, look no further, cause you are at...

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Russian series

Why not broaden your horizons by watching some of the best series Russia has to offer. I get it, 2020 was tough and you are tired of watching movies so you need a list to help you choose what to watch in 2021? What a coincidence that you’ve...

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Russian films

Tired of watching western films about a superhero that saves the world and gets the girl? Tired of talking about western films that had been made and remade a bunch of times? Wondering if there are any other types of films to be discovered? Well...

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Serbian movies

Serbian films are mostly filled with great content, with very difficult stories that revolve around family drama and harsh social conditions.  There are many old movies made in Serbia that I could have included but I decided to focus on fairly...

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