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We’re all well familiar with the mythology surrounding the ancient gods such as Zeus, Odin, Jupiter, Venus, Aphrodite, etc; but do you know who deities of the ancient Slavs were, or what were their names? For a long time now, Russian artist Jaromir...

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Various derivations of the ancient solar symbol, known as swastika, have become infamous because of their misappropriation by the Hitler’s Third Reich. The swastika has become interchangeable with the word “Nazi”, and every image that resembles it...

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A birth of a child is considered a gift from another world in many ancient and contemporary cultures. Slavs do not differ in this regard and their popular notion still holds that the goodwill of the ancestors is responsible for such a precious gift...

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            Fighting old Slavic religion, the main goal of the Church was elimination of the pagan deities. Demonic creatures which were part of the Slavic mythology were not considered to be too intimidating enemy, so they were left to exist and...

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Slavic Spirits

Su?aje (Sudice), pronounced /su?aje/ (with ? like in Italian “buonGiorno”) were female demon spirits which played very important role in the Slavic mythology. It was believed that people’s destiny completely depends on the free will of the Su?aje...

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crnobog and belobog

For Slavs, Belobog (Belbog) or the White God is a stark opposite to Crnobog (Crnbog), the Black God, depicting the ever-lasting battle between darkness and light, and day and night. While Crnobog is more of a Devil, or the evil demonic God, the...

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The Stone Table

As many other people who lived and prospered long time before Christ, take as example Anglo-Saxons’ Stonehenge, Peruvian Machu Picchu or Egyptian Sphinx, Slavs also had a very strong stone cult. For them, stone was not just a tool to use or a...

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Baba Yaga, Russian witch

Fear of the witches and written documents about witches were deeply established in the Slavic mythology, especially amongst Serbs. Witches essentially represent the female equivalent to vampires, which were also one of the reasons Slavs feared the...

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