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12 Famous Belarusians

In this article, I am going to tell you a little bit about some of the most famous people that were born in Belorussia. Each of the people mentioned has had an...


11 Famous Polish People

There are many famous people that were born in Poland. This article is not big enough (and I am not paid enough, more importantly) to go through all of them...


10 Famous Ukrainians

Famous Ukrainian actors, musicians, painters, and scientists, shaped the present we live in, in many (and different) extraordinary ways.  If you want to...


Top 9 Russian Holidays

There are nine national holidays in Russia. If they happen to be on non-business days, Russians celebrate them before or after the actual date (i.e. on a...


Top 9 Russian Models

Russian men are known throughout the world for their antics and shenanigans (most of it connected with drinking vodka!). On the other hand, Russian women are...