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Russian people
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Russian people are quite proud when it comes to their history, culture, and country in general. Ever since the Soviet Union, Russian culture, science, and education were considered superior to the rest of the world. 

In this article, we are going to learn some of the most interesting facts about Russian people. If you are interested in finding out why Russians love vodka, have great respect for religion, and enjoy making babushka dolls, keep reading this article.

Russian People Facts

1. Vodka Is Very Important

Russian people consider themselves practical, and vodka is the most practical among the beverages. It has no specific taste, it goes very well with almost anything, and is relatively easy to make. Those are some of the reasons Russians love vodka. 

Vodka is the most popular beverage in the country. Russians believe that vodka is good for health and the best way to enjoy yourself. Many people in Russia think that you can improve your health by drinking vodka (which is definitely something I wouldn’t recommend).

They even think that it sets you free. Especially during the cold winters, when you need something to make you warm and help you withstand those low temperatures.

Vodka is timeless, available, and part of their cultural heritage. This is the reason why many Russians think of vodka as not just an alcoholic drink but a way of life [1].

2. They Love Babushka Dolls

Babushka dolls (or matryoshka dolls) are something the Russians were famous for since Soviet times. 

Those dolls are made from wood and what is interesting about them is that they are nesting dolls because they are placed one inside the other (Each doll has a smaller doll inside, except the last doll). 

It’s like an Inception, I know. You open the first, and you get a smaller doll inside, and when you open that smaller one, you find another doll and so on. 

Many see this Russian invention as kind of a metaphor for their understanding of life. There is always something behind the obvious. The fact that there is always a smaller Babushka is a statement about the complexity of the Russian people and their culture. 

In their country, every household has several Babushka dolls. The Babushkas were always very cheap to buy at the Russian state market. They are always available and much appreciated by many Russians.

Recently, there was a good show on Netflix, inspired by the Babushka dolls called Russian Doll. It was sensational in terms of its writing style, as the writer tried to apply this babushka principle to his writing. You should definitely give it a try. 

Some say it was better than Game Of Thrones. If you’re interested in reading about the shooting locations, check out this article about the most popular Game Of Thrones locations in Croatia.

3. Russians Are Very Religious

The religion and the influence of the church have always been huge in Russia. 

Even today, their orthodox religion is one of the postulates their nation is based upon. Many of their best artists and cultural workers used the religious theme as the focal point of their artistic expression.

Almost half of the people in Russia declare themself as Christians (more than 40 percent are Orthodox Christians). Apart from Christianity, 25 percent of Russian people consider themselves spiritual [2].

These citizens are usually believed to be Christians as well, who oppose the institutional church and therefore don’t label themselves as members of any religious movement. Their number was on the rise during the reign of Boris Yeltsin. 

4. Some of the Most Beautiful Women Are From Russia

Russia is a home for some of the most beautiful women on the planet. From Soviet times to present-day Russia, they were famous for their blond hair and blue eyes. 

Many of them have become popular for their work in sports, especially tennis. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are Maria Sharapova, Maria Kirilenko, and Anna Kournikova.

Natalia Vodianova is among the world’s best models. She is currently working in the USA.

Russia has many popular women. Alina Kabaeva, Alla Pugacheva, and the half-Estonian citizen and popular television host in Russia by the name of Tatyana Arno, just to name a few. 

Some of the most beautiful Russian women come from the acting world. Some of the popular girls are Lisa Boyarksaya, Elena Zakharova, and Anfisa Chekova. 

5. Russians Enjoy Going Out

Russian people enjoy going out. Cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are full of amazing nightclubs with great atmosphere and music.

Russian people love having a good time and enjoying themselves, by going into clubs or restaurants. There is a huge number of places for drinking, relaxing, or finding potential partners.

For example, the City Space Bar in Moscow is one of those places! With its astonishing view, and a non-stop program it is certainly a place where all of your worries go away.

For those who are looking for a place for hardcore parties or new experiences, there are clubs like Posh Friends and Icon Club. In places like this, you are free to dance, have amazing food and enjoy the exotic dancers that will leave you speechless.

There are many festivals during the so-called white nights. Those take place usually in May in June, which is a part of the year when the Sun doesn’t entirely go down. Russian travel from every part of Russia to have the time of their life at those events.

As they say, Russians consider these months special and therefore party even harder!

And last but not least, for the people that prefer an intimate space or hanging out with their close friends, there are free night tours in the largest popular museums! 

The Bottom Line

Like many other things, this article has reached its conclusion. Russia is a great place to enjoy yourself, meet new people, and explore new things.

Russians live an interesting life, full of entertainment and adventures. They have a rich history and culture. Their citizens are very religious and are welcoming towards foreign people. If you enjoyed reading about Russians, you will probably want to read about Belarus people as well.

If you find time to visit this great state, make sure to visit its cultural sites, buy a babushka doll for your friends and learn a few words from their beautiful language.



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